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Weirdest scaling problem with saving as DXF.


New member

I have one really frustrating problem with my Catia V5.
This is hard to explain so I made a short video of it.
Hopefully you get the idea from that.

Problem is with scaling when I save a file as dxf and then open it again.
Happens rarely (4 times out of ~200 files I have checked this week).
Always simple shape causes problems. More complex shapes are saved normally.
At the moment I have tried 3 hours to create a dxf-file that has only one ø21,0 mm circle in it (no success).

I have tried:
1. Restart Catia
2. Restart Computer
3. Check different settings
4. Delete AppData personal settings

Same happens with DWG files too.

Petri T


Super Moderator
Comparing 21 to 533.4 equals 25.4, which indicates a problem with units. (21 inches = 533.4 mm)

Check the Tools + Options and make sure the length units are set to mm, and verify the DXF units also (mine is set to Automatic). see both attachments

units.JPG units dxf.JPG
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If this only happens rarely, I would suspect the dxf files. Do they open okay with other software? Were they created differently?


New member

And thanks for answers and suggestions. I will check those things later today.

Indeed, this happens randomly with simple shapes. If I add more stuff into the file it saves it normally and opens it normally.
I have checked those dxf-files with online dxf-viewer and there they appear in wrong scale there too. Every file is created same way and problem is only with simple shapes.

I checked the options after every step when creating dxf file. Didn't notice any changes there during the process.
After changing option under "dxf"-tab from automatic to mm (millimeters) saving did work correctly. I think the problem was there. Just weird that it is only with few files (few newly created and some older ones).

Anyway. Now I know the way around the problem and I can continue my project. Thank you!


Super Moderator
One more thing to verify:

Make sure the dimension units are correct. Use the NUM.DIMM dimension style for millimeter dimensions. Use the NUM.DINC style for inch. (or equivalents)
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