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Weld Table for Welded Assembly


New member
Hello everybody,

New guy here. Been working in Solidworks since February and I had a year of it in school back in 2015-16. Currently working in the 2017 version - we're behind the times a little bit lol.

I've been assigned to find a best practice with weld callouts in drawings of our models. Currently, I have been assigning weld beads in the models and then generating a weld table from an iso view of an assembly. From there, I use details and assign balloons (text option) to each weld to match the corresponding weld callout in the table. You may be thinking that this is a bit cumbersome, and you're right. Especially if I have to change a weld, or delete a weld. This changes the whole table and the numbering associated to it.

Within a regular weldment, this works fine. But these are welded assemblies with parts. I've tried auto-ballooning but that just grabs info from the BOM, which is not what I want to use.

Has anybody had any luck using a weld table for a welded assembly that works dynamically between the model and the table and has auto balloon capabilities?

We're trying to avoid adding weld symbols to all of our drawing files because they get a bit messy and it makes things hard to read for the welders.