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Welding nuts in solidworks positioning.

Bert F

From time to time I need to insert some welding nuts in a tube assembly under specified angle and position requirements.
As depicted below:

What is the most effective and efficient way to do this in Solidworks? Until now I did it in the following way I sketched in the parts an axis make a lot of reference geometry and use this to mate the two things together in a certainly angle an position. But are the other ways to accomplish this time consuming task? For example smart mates or something like this? It is very important that I can change afterwards the angles and positions easily.
Some ideas? Thanks in advance.


New member

Make a reference plane at a required angle, then make a sketch. Simply extrude without merging in the part file only. Then you don't have to make the assembly. Later on if you want to change the angle then you can change the angle of reference plane directly.