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What 3D software should I consider?


New member
Hello all.
My name is Bob. I've been using AutoCad for several years. The company I work for is considering moving to a 3D package. We are currently only making 2D mechanical drawings using Acad2006, but as CNC machining becomes more and more the standard, we want to progress. However, we have several customized lisp programs that are specific to our feild, so I wan't to make sure we find a suitable interface that we can customize.
I am looking for the learning curve to be as smooth as possible.

My questions are these:

1) What 3d software would you recommend for seasoned draftsmen who are familiar with 2D AutoCAD, but have very little 3D experience?

2) Does anyone have any pro's/con's about an AutoCAD transition to PRO-E, Solidworks, Inventor or any other program out there?

Thank you very much for letting me be a part of this community.

Bob Bowen
Turbo Components & Engineering
Houston, TX