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What features CATIA V5 does lack?

There is no doubt that CATIA is one of the best CAD software. But comparing with other software like NX, Solidworks, Fusion 360 what features does it miss other than cloud access. I think CATIA has enough features to make any model.
I am more focused on features which is similar to swept, kinematics etc.

I would say that the keys to CATIA are: the core modeling (3D engine), large assemblies handling and knowledge ware.
CATIA V5 does not have cloud, but CATIA 3DExperience has! I recommend you to check this video if you like Kinematic and such:


Super Moderator
Two features that I wish CATIA V5 had are:

1. 3D Text There are several workarounds for this, but it's surprising to me that CATIA does not have a simple way to add engraved or embossed lettering to a 3D solid model. I'm told this feature is availabhle in Version 6.

2. Area Law This feature was in Version 4, but it never was migrated to Version 5 and I miss not having the ability to sweep a surface based on the cross-sectional area.