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What kind of hardware do I need to run the necessary CAD and Slicing software?


I am a complete novice, but I have a need to learn 3D printing. I began by enrolling in a coursera program which uses Fusion 360 by Autodesk. I currently have an all in one that could not run Fusion 360 due to insufficient graphics capability.

I have been looking at ibuypower.com. They have a prebuilt with an i7 processor and nvidia RTX 2070 super 8gb graphics card, 16 gb ddr 3000 memory.

Is this sufficient or way overkill?
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It is important that what kind of objects or datas you working on a cad software. it can be a basic rectangular primitive part or very complex machine or system. I think RTX 2070 is enogh for regular 3d objects. What you really need to focus on is the number of CUDA cores the graphics card has and whether the program you are using can do GPU computing. CUDA is keyword for you, if your software allow to GPU computing.