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Wheels on Hex Shaft Help!!


New member
Hello! I am a highschool student on a robotics team and am trying to find a way to put the attached 2 inch omni wheels and 2 inch mecanum wheels on a hex shaft (Named "3_8_Hex_x_165_ID_ThunderHex_Stock_36_217-5837" in the assembly), where they can rotate correctly and have the correct amount of spacing. I have a few wheels in the intake assembly now, but more can be added to fit the space on the hex shaft. The only thing i know for sure is the two omni wheels need to be in the middle, and the mecanum wheels on each side. Im not sure what mates to use here or the best way to do it.

I am also aware there is an issue with the flat pattern of the part called "intake bars"

If anyone can help or leave suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anything else is seen wrong with the assembly, let me know.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/12U78CTc0EGr-MQNl6QctOkZ9DSJLkZdh/view?usp=sharing <---- files, intake assem is entire assembly