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Where can I find the info needed to build a good workstation for Solidworks?


New member
Hi, I am currently looking to build a good workstation for a client that uses SolidWorks, but I am having problems finding any good information on what is needed from such a computer. I tried contacting SolidWorks directly, they told me to contact the reseller, when I did that they didn't even know what a Display Port was and told me to look at the SolidWorks homepage, which has very limited information.

My main question is around the GPU and memory. Should I go for 32GB or is 16GB enough? And is a FirePro w5100 powerful enough, or should I get the w7100?

I don't know how you measure what is needed, but his files are about 15MB.


New member
I don't know how much help this is, as you may already have come across this information. I just bought a used Dell Precision laptop from eBay for use with Solidworks 2014, and I consulted the first page listed below extensively. Some models of the Precision are not listed, so I steered clear of them on eBay.

Graphics Card Drivers | SOLIDWORKS

Also, this next page gives the basic hardware requirements:

SOLIDWORKS System Requirements | Windows and Mac | SOLIDWORKS

I haven't received the laptop yet, so I can't verify that the information on these pages is entirely accurate. As for RAM, I usually buy enough to max out right away - more is always better.

Best of luck on whatever you decide.