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Where is my thread


New member

i'm new & happy to be in 3dcadforums

i started an important thread & it disapeared & i didn't get the time to read what the page said

& i went to my profile nothing there!!! mods/admins your help is kindly appreciated...

B. David Miyares

Staff member
Hi Lapra and welcome to 3D CAD Forums. Your thread is here


All threads form new users are held in moderation until they can be vetted against spam and other nonsense. Once a moderator validates your post it will appear live. This cuts down on the amount of forum spam and bots hitting us. Since you joined earlier this morning this is why you weren't able to see your post.

Once a user has 5 approved posts then this restriction is removed and posts are automatically approved.

The MODS are mostly in GMT+8 so might not be getting to validation before their first morning coffee.. :)

Hope this clears up any questions.


Super Moderator
I approved this thread earlier this morning (maybe 7:30 New York time), before my first cup of coffee.