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Where to start...?


New member
Sorry if this question belongs in another section. I am a student albeit not in any particular "design" / drafting related area of study. Ive worked a little in maya and 3ds max in the past and would like to get to know the basics of cad, specifically with solidworks 2011 education edition which I just ordered yesterday.

Where is a good place to start with the basics? I know google is my friend and there are many resources out there which can assist. But I would like to know from people like you, or the "pros" where I can find a decent tutorial or 2 to get me on my way before taking a class and spending any real money. Thanks for any advice!

Dee Jayen

New member
The best place to start is with the tutorials that come along with the software. They provide most of the basic info and then some. After that, use Google and places like this forum to get more specific info.


New member
Not 100% sure if this also applies to the Student Version of SolidWorks, usually SolidWorks comes with some very good Tutorials "out of the box".

To access them, click on "Help" ---> "Tutorials".

It´s a very good start for beginners to learn the basics of solid modeling as well as the basics of SolidWorks.