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Which CAD software


New member
Hello. I currently work in the construction industry and have noticed the increase in and demand for 3d modelling at the tendering stage of jobs.

Given this I would like to get onto a course that would start me on this path. People in the industry are talking about software that not only allows you to produce 3D models but also produces feedback on costing and other information generally collated by a QS - does anyone know what this type of software is called?


New member
AutoCAD 2010, by far is the most updated and user friendly CAD software I know. If you're an interior designer or architect, this is suited for you. The interface is easy to understand and you can easily designate proper perspective. Values are easy to indicate.


New member
You can also try out ActCAD 2019 Professional CAD software. It is the latest one available to you based on IntelliCAD engine. Even it is very cost effective. It covers both 2D and 3D work backgrounds. As you are in the construction field, then visualizing the building plans and 3D modeling of the structure will become easy with the use of only one CAD Software.


New member
hello, here i give some software that might be help you....

1.Sketchup. Sketchup mockup: dot extension
2.Blender. Screenshot: Creating a realistic head in Blender (via Blender Cookie)
3.AutoCAD. Screenshot: AutoCAD 2014 Tour: Overview of the User Interface
4.Rhino. Screenshot: Training car design with Rhino (via icreatia)
5.Revit. Revit: Design visualization
6.3Ds Max
8.Cinema 4D


New member
Hi Guys,

Well highlighted and this is the query from many beginners. As there is plenty of software available for such 3D drafting, many of them are confused about the selection and use of such types of software. As mentioned, that you are working in a company then are you planning to learn or update your skill related to the company or for the entire industry? Answering this question will help to understand and analyse the features which you will require to learn or create from that software. This will help you to select the software easily and quickly. You can even consult an expert or outsource such task.

Thanks & Reagards
Roger King
Cad Service