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Which CPU?

Mr. Hotface

New member

I am in the process of updating our workstation.
However I am unsure of which CPU that would suit us best.

We use solidworks 2008 every, we have medium sized assemblies, and many features, and surfaces.
Our current system is an Intel E8400/ 4Gb memory/ Quadro FX570. This is far to slow for our needs.

To start with I will upgrade the CPU (and mobo/memory of course)

I do have a budget, at it has narrowed my chise down to these 3 CPU's:

Intel Core2 Extreme 2,93GHz (X6800)
Intel Core i7 940
Dual Intel Xeon 2,5GHz (2 x E5420)

As I understand Solidworks does not support multiple cores, but do support multiple CPU's? In this case it will not make any differance if it is a dualcore og quadcore.

So can anyone answer me which of these CPU's that will give me the best performance in solidworks?

Thank you