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Why is my slant dimension is not equal to original diagram?


New member
My diagram: 20.16.JPG (I marked with red colour)

Original Diagram: 20.16 original diagram.jpg

Why is my slant dimension is not equal to original diagram? :(


Super Moderator
The top chamfers are wrong because you didn't follow the dimensions in the drawing. You should have dimensioned both chamfers with the 16 x 16 dimensions, and ignore the 32 dimension.

The 40mm dimension on the drawing is the height of the center gusset.



Super Moderator
Why is my 40mm dimension on the drawing wrong?
Look closely at the 3-view drawing in your original post.

The 40mm dimension (circled in red) does not define the chamfers - it defines the height of the gusset

The chamfers are dimensioned with the two 16 mm dimensions (circled in blue)