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Why is the front plane of my sketch behind the model?


Here is the model i made: imgur: the simple image sharer

Why is the front plane behind the model and in the corner? I'm following a tutorial and it shows that the front plane should be facing the same direction as the one in the picture but in the middle of the object, not behind it. Did i make the model wrong or is there another way to put a plane like that in the middle of the object like this picture from the tutorial: imgur: the simple image sharer

Lucy Appleby

New member
Hi there

Having taken a quick glance at your model it seems that you may have boss extruded "blind" as opposed to "mid plane"

This is ever so simple to change, right click on the Boss Extrude in your feature tree and select edit feature, in the pane which appears on the left of your screen select "mid plane" from the drop down menu under Direction 1 and click the green tick, this in turn should see the extrusion perform from the mid plane as oppose to blind from the sketch plane.

To make you plane larger simply enlarge by clicking and dragging on any of the corner points of the plane box7

Hope this helps

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