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Why shouldnt we use sketch in NX ?


New member
My friend is pro designer in NX 9. I was trying to learn NX by watching videos in youtube and draw at the same time in NX. But I was using skecth and my friend told me that I sould not use sketch because If ı wanna work in a company ı wont be using skecth in NX , he said this is the professional way. I really wonder that whether it is true or only his idea. And if it is true , how can I learn to design without using skecth ?


New member
Good Question. I have just started to learn NX. I have about 9 hours experience on it so this response may or may not be valid but here is what I know....You can use primitive shapes in NX ie; cylinders, Blocks, cones, spheres, pockets, pads, holes......etc in conjunction with Boolean operations....but what I noticed is this....its all fine and dandy, and actually quite fun, until things start getting complex. If you have a complex profile it may just be easier to sketch it out. In terms of learning it...it's nice to know so you can adapt to using it when it is needed and you can show all the old timers that you can use this form of modeling, but speaking in only terms of part design and assembly design I still have not found a scenario where it was absolutely necessary to use this form of modeling. Just stick to the sketcher and tell the old timers to get with the program.