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Why this error poping up after completing the sketch?


New member
I am trying to draw a threaded hex screw.

Step 1: I successfully placed the point and constructed the helix: 1-1.JPG

Step 2: I select that point and construct a profile. 1-2.JPG

Step 3: While exiting the profile, this error pop up: 1-3.JPG


Super Moderator
I'm not sure I'm following the steps, and without seeing the tree history, I have to guess at what you've done.

Did you draw the thread profile in Sketch.2 ? Sketch.2 should only be the point that is used to define the helix curve. The thread profile should be drawn in a different sketch.

In a previous post, you included a link to a video. Go back and watch that video very closely. He goes fast, but all the steps are there.
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Super Moderator
You are right - the Slot command is used to cut the thread into the shaft, not the Groove command. My mistake - sorry.

(I edited the post above to remove the erroneous information)
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