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Workbench button remains "invisible" in catia V5R19


when I am in my sketcher and I want to leave it to go back to my part, I can't find the workbench button anymore. All icons on workbench was disappearing..
It is activated in the toolbars list, It is NOT (really NOT, I searched a lot) hidden somewhere on the side , indicated by the double arrows. It's just not there anymore.
I also tried removing ALL the toolbars and then only selecting the workbench toolbar, but nothing appears. Really frustrating.
I can of course use the view--> commands list-->exit workbench, but this is not really practical as this is something I do a lot.
I have been using Catia for more then two years now and this has never happend before.

Please help.




Super Moderator

Are you turning on the Full Screen mode, maybe inadvertently? Try the ESC button to return back to normal screen.