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Workstation deployment questions

Have you purchased or looked at blade workstations for your CAD / MCAD requirements?

  • Yes, works well with 3D graphics

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  • Yes, does not work well with 3D graphics

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  • My company has looked at it, no decision at this point

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  • My company has looked at it, not impressed by performance

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  • My company has looked at it, too expensive

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  • My company hasn't looked into blade workstations yet

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  • What's a blade workstation?

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New member
I need help solving a hardware deployment problem for a client! I've got just over 1500sq ft of floor space + 300sq ft max for IT data center. I've got to get 20 3D CAD / 3D graphics artists, plus 4-5 admin & managers into this physical space. Workstation configuration will depend upon job function of each employee, but minimum configuration will be Core 2 Quad with 2GB RAM, NVIDIA 9800GT. Maximum configuration (at this point)will be Dual Quad Core Xeons, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 x 2 (quad monitor config).

I recently met with a hardware vendor about their blade workstation solution, which was based on either thin-client or PC-over-IP technology. On paper, looked real good for solving space and data management concerns, but tried to spin 3D objects and it got really slow. Anyone else looked into this technology?

For those of you out there who manage or operate in small and/or medium-sized offices and studios, how do you manage the PC real estate, noise, & heat issues in limited spaces? How do you plan for growth? Your help is appreciated!