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Would-be PDM - light and domestic PDM (open sources). Not only for CATIA


New member
Dear all,
I was looking for an economic tool to manage my CATIA files.
I found SVN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Subversion) and I found it useful.

After that i looked for some software to join SVN files and manage them in a CAD scenario.
I didn't find any so I decided to write myself some tool.

At the beginning it was only a group of CATIA macro, now it is a real stand alone software.

Would-be PDM aim is to track CAD files and to group them in projects, products and so on.
I'm testing it using CATIA and soon I'm going to test it using UG NX, after that other CAD are welcome.

The software could be fully used now but if you don't use CATIA may be it is not usefull at 100%, I hope it will be better soon.

For a complete use of Would-be PDM you need to install a SVN client (and for a groupwork a SVN server).
The client I choosed is tortoisesvn (http://tortoisesvn.net/); for the server functions there are several good products, I'm using visualSVN server ( https://www.visualsvn.com/server/).

If you would like to test my software, please freely download it at:

It is open sources, it is completely free and it is still "joung", please be patient.

As possible as I can I'm going to write a real manual. In the meantime:

I hope you will find it usefull.