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Wrapping text to a multi-contoured surface


New member
Good Afternoon,

I am attempting to wrap text onto a skeletal bone - which
by nature is multi-contoured, how do i achieve this? it
seems that the wrap tool can only work with single axis contours
- like that around cylinder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




New member
IIRC there is a workaround for that. Could help you on that one - contact me via [email protected]


Also for the forum:

Wrapping does not work for anything else than rotational features.

There are several approaches to solve this, the easiest is:

Creating an offset-surface, using the sketch as a trim tool to trim away the unneccesary parts of the surface and then thicken the remaining surfaces.

Oh, don´t forget: If you want to do this with a TEXT you need to dissolve the sketch text first, otherwise it won´t work.

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