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    Default save a file in catia v6

    please, I have install the catia v6, but i canīt save any file,

    how I can save and open a file.

    please help me

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    My understanding is V6 is not file-based (no open, and no save), but instead it is based on a database (Matrix One) has a great discussion forum on CATIA V6 - here's something I found from Mark Chitjian:

    Posted By MCHITJIAN on 22 Sep 2008 08:39 AM


    I've been playing with V6 here for the past month or so and a major change is that it is no longer a "file" based system. The old notion of files are now called "objects" and are stored in a database. The actual CATIA code is stored locally on your machine, but all data is stored "remotely" on the database. If any of you oldtimers remember the old mainframe days where all the files were stored remotely, it is very similar to that.

    Files as we used to know them are called either "products", or "representations". There are many other object names, but for most of us manufacturing types we'll be dealing with those two objects. What you'll find initially the most challenging is learning how to navigate all the objects in the database. There are various search techniques to learn, since there is no longer a "File/open" command available. That is what I found to be the most different from V5. You create a product/object, save it, but then trying to find it requires entirely different techniques.

    As far as manufacturing being in V6, it is all there, except that everything is under DELMIA. So you can load CATIA code, but you wont see any manufacturing workbenches until you load the manufacturing from DELMIA. Interestingly, when you launch CATIA V6, if you have the DELMIA code loaded you will see the manufacturing workbenches. You can also launch CATIA using the DELMIA icon and get everything too. I'm not quite sure how everything is going to be packaged for the end users, since at IBM we have the "all in one" license which grants us access to the entire CATIA suite of products.

    Once you get past the database, the manufacturing workbenches look, feel and work the same as V5. All the manufacturing docs are found under DELMIA. I dont see any major differences in what you are used to now. So you should not require any retraining as far as I can see.

    To reiterate, the major change in V6 is the database and the way data is stored. Once you get into the functional CATIA workbenches, the NC looks pretty much the same. The database has to be installed and configured and is not a small task. We've been told by DS that there should be an "express" or "light" edition of V6 for the smaller users in the future.
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    i have got the same question....i have drawn this product n now i want to save give me a error "The file is write protected" please helpppp!!!

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    Some basic info on how to make this run simply similar to a file system would be great. I have used the sample 3dxml file in a writable folder to allow saving but i cannot produce individual files or figure out how to open them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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