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Сatia v5 cnc programming / CNC Programming tools


New member
Hi there!

I know that CATIA v5 has an option or a tool for CNC programming. Could you please tell more about that? Is it difficult to use that tool? How long does it take to be skilled in it? Will I be more marketable and competitive in the market with CNC Catia v5 skills?

Does SolidWorks have CNC Programming?

Sorry, I am not familiar with this part of engineering/manufacturing, so just would like to get more information! So, if you recommend some other resources or even books, it would be great!

I mean, how is Сatia v5 cnc programming related or linked with CNC turning machines, for example?

Thank you!


Super Moderator
CATIA has several products (workbenches) for NC programming. Included are 2D lathe (turning) and profile cutting, and 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining. I'm not an expert, but I'm told CATIA NC programming is fairly easy for CATIA operators that have a machinist background. Knowing how your part will be machined, should help you "design for manufacturing"


New member
it is easy to approach ! I currently use CATIA to write programs for the machines cnc ! it brings good results ! you can be familiar with its easy :