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1k Desktop Machine for Student

Hey there!

I'm a student in college looking to buy a desktop machine to hone my CAD skills. I'll mainly be using it to learn how to make animations in 3DsMax using Vray. I'll also be using Solidworks, Rhino, After Effects, and Premiere for HD video-editing, along with the usual Adobe trifecta (Ps, Ill, Indd).

Being a student I don't have that much money so I'd like to spend around 1k—even less if possible. I'd like to build it myself, but I'll admit that I have no idea what parts I need. It's also a bit daunting to see that there are so many different components out there that I can use.

If building it myself is too difficult, I'd be willing to buy a pre-assembled desktop. A friend suggested I look into older high-end machines that often are still quite good and cost relatively little. He mentioned something like a Lenove Thinkstation D20 could be good. But even on eBay they range from $350 to $1500. (All Categories)

I have no clue what to do... I just want to start making some animations! :)

Got any suggestions on what I could do?


New member
hi sebastienMelmothm i think this will help you

Hdd : WD black 1Tb
Vga : Nvidia Quadro Fermi 2000 Or Zotac gtx 770 AMp
Psu : Seasonic M12 620w/ Corsair gs 600

Cpu : Intel Xeon e3 1230 v3 Haswell 4core/8thread 3.3Ghz
Case : Cougar Pioneer
Màn : Dell Ultrasharp u2312Mh
Main : Asrock H87 performance 8phase design, tản nhiệt hầm hố
Ram : Corsair vengeance pro 8gb bus 1600