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3 questions from ConnectPress



My name is John Myers, I am a reporter for ConnectPress. We are trying to find the answers to a few questions from our readers. Any responses we can get would be appreciated.

The questions are:

Q2-060606: Dimensions in Inventor 10

Can we set up Inventor 10 to automatically put a dash between fractions?

Q2-041106: MDT 2004 Conversion to Inventor 11

Can you import MDT 2004 files into Inventor 11?

If so does it bring across any feature history?

Q2-051606: Upgrading to Inventor 11

I am currently using Inventor 8.

What are the benefits for upgrading to Inventor 11 from Inventor 8?

What are the problems encountered when upgrading?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

John Myers
[email protected]
Hello John,

Welcome to the 3DCADForums! We link to read the ConnectPress resource sites quite often. I'll see if I can locate some answers for you. If anyone out there can join in to answers these questions please do in the mean time.

Thanks again.
3DCADForums Help Desk
Hi John,

I hope this tip will resolve your issue pertaining to Q2-041106: MDT 2004 Conversion to Inventor 11, I am not so sure but give a try as shown below:
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\MDT 2004, which will be the default location and will vary if the user has installed in different folder.
Later double click the file name Mechanical Desktop 2004 Basic. After running Mechanical Desktop using basic profile, you will be able to translate MDT files into Inventor.

I hope this will help. If not I am really sorry for bothering you.

Take care,

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