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3D coordinates


New member
How do I measure absolute 3d coordinates in IronCAD?

I have a model a past intern made in IronCAD a few years ago. Think of a paper towel tube with about 20 Cheerios randomly glued to the outside surface, and you'll have a pretty fair idea of what this model looks like. In this case the "Cheerios" are actually stubby thick-walled cylinders with a slot cut out of one side so the end-on view of these are more of a "C" than an "O". I am trying to get the 3D coordinates of the centers for each of the circles defined by either the ID or OD of these cylinders at the outermost edge.

Is there a straight-forward tool or method to do this? I could not find anything in the help pages or on the tool bars that looked promising. I don't care if it is just a window and I have to transcribe the values by hand.

Tri-ball provides info

Simple answer-
Be sure the tri-ball is where you want to obtain the coordinates. If you need to move it use the spacebar, reposition, then spacebar again. Right click on the center of the tri-ball and choose "Edit Position". This will give you the coordinates relative to the global coordinate system. The global coordinate system origin is where the anchor point of the first shape placed in the scene is positioned. The shape can be moved off this 0,0,0 point and the tri-ball edit position information will update to reflect the move. To quickly view the origin of the global coordinate system simply left click on the symbol next to the words "Global Coordinate System" in the scene browser and the planes and grid will show up.

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