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3D Face Colors


New member
In 3D model workspace, with the visual style set to conceptual, I am still seeing difference in the color shading even after setting all the entities to one color. Can any one suggest me if there is any AutoCAD color setting so that all the faces appear same.
Thanks in advance.
From AutoCAD 2007 onwards there are several new options in the Visual Style. Like "Face Style" modes. In "Realistic", it shades the face with the same color it has the other one is "Gooch" which is the conceptual shading style you are seeing. There are also Face Color modes like Tint and Monochrome, which will allow you to apply color modifications to the shaded faces.

You can always create your own visual styles - you are not limited to the standard ones. Open the Visual Styles toolbar and choose the icon on the right hand side and experiment with it till you get the desired result.

If you want the real color, do not use Conceptual, or modify Conceptual to
use a different Face Style/Face Color mode.

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