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3d Monogram generator for 3D Printing using macros (Solidworks)


New member
Hey guys,
I've made a few 3D text monograms
like these: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/86975836527591773/
in Solidworks 2014, but I found the process very tedious when it came to more than just a few characters. I was wondering how difficult it would be to create a macro for solidworks to generate a 3D text monogram for use in 3D FDM Printing.

  • I expect it'll need the user to input the desired text in at least 2 dimensions, extrude it and select the desired contact plane (plane the model is printed on)
  • From there it would merge all bodies
  • analyze which bodies are touching the contact plane and delete the ones that aren't contacting the plane.
  • Determine if any of the readable text is missing due to deleted bodies
  • While this macro could be expanded to do a great deal more, I think this would be a good start.

I'm wondering how much work this would be to generate the code for. I don't have that much programming experience and i've never created or used a macro before.

Kind regards