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3D Orbit


New member
I am using AutoCAD 2000 - when activating the 3D orbit, when I have my cursor outside the green circle it works fine, but when the cursor is inside the green circle, my object doesnt rotate the way it should, so that I can see other sides of my object, instead it ends up way outside the green circle and I have to view screen to get my object back. What should I do to fix this???
I see that nobody has responded to your issue yet. We'll look into your problem and try to find a solution. If we do, we'll post it here for your benefit.

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Orbit target

When you start 3D orbit, right-click and look for "Enable Orbit Auto Target." Selecting that usually helps.

When you use 3D orbit, the outside of the ring simply rotates the drawing from the center of the ring. Each of the small circles at each quadrant of the ring allows you to turn the objects orthogonally. Within is the free orbit, like holding it in your hands and turning it anyway you wish. For AutoCAD to do this, it has to choose a point to spin it on. This is the "target" and you can change it sometimes by zooming in and out till AutoCAD picks something different. I know there's more method to it than that, but this should at least help you get started if you need to do more research.


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