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3D perspectives in Autocad - help!!!



Ive drawn up a nice kitchen perspective in autocad 2006 using DVIEW command, and i want to take it into photoshop to manipulate.

Using DVIEW has let me hide unwanted lines that are behind other objects, but when i press enter to come out of DVIEW command and save the view the hidden lines re-appear

any suggestions???
perspective view

You're really going to like 2007! You can work in perspective view all the time.

I'm not aware of any way to do what you said in AutoCAD, but since you want to bring it into Photoshop as a bitmap image, I would probably just take a screen capture of it and bring that in. You can try Windows' Print Screen key, but you'll have more options (name of file, where, type of file, cropping, etc.) with a screen capture program like SnagIt.

View > Shade > Gourand with edges

Unless I am missing something all you have to do after exiting the dview command is to go to the View pull down menu and select Shade > .....pick your type....gourand with edges etc..

Then you stay in that 'shaded' mode until you go back and change it back to wire frame etc...

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. How can I plot a shaded drawing? When I have a look at my preview it switches back to the wireframe
If you save the view you generated with DVIEW such as PERS1, then go to paper space and open a viewport to model space. If not already showing in the view port, ten restore the view named PERS1. When back in paper space, right click the viewport and choose from list Shade Plot. You can plot as wireframe, shaded or rendered.

Under render options in AutoCAD you can assign materials, lights, etc. to get a nice rendering with shadows and all.

Mike McGuire
[email protected]

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