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3D render problem - Parts missing!



Some (well most) objects are not showing up for my render
Whats causing this?
This is the only drawing this is happening for. It is very complex
Pics speak better than words

AutoCAD 2002 full version
Ive got plenty of mojo computer-wise
Any ideers?

Additionally the whole drawing has alot of large value meshes
Is there a more simple way to generate solids that look like this without the blocky mesh2solid lisp?
Maybe a lisp that alows you to slice solids using a mesh/surface rather than 3 points?

Jon ~
coor nice models!

they look far more complicated than what i'm doing right now - 3d modelling of buildings from laserscans; but i find bits don't show up in the shaded views if i have blocks containing blocks. just a thought. i'm in ACAD 2004.

out of interest, and briefly, how do you create that car model?
Been away long time

Its all the same drawing no blocked parts or groups or even layers -D'oh

Pretty simple but time consuming to draw, I have about 300 hours in that mostly teaching myself how to do 3D

I had each part availible so i just took my caliper and set the part in my lap and reverse engineered all of it. Started with a carb for drafting class. Then it was the whole motor, then body and the rest. Strange how things jsut get bigger

I bought a frame diagram off ebay and drew it in simple 3D using only lines, then gave the lines cylinders and spheres at the pts of intersections

I then got some photos of direct side, front, rear, and top views of the car off the internet
I then imported the jpegs to CAD and drew 2D splines along all of the body lines
I scales all the traces to be the same and 3D rotated them to a sort of rectangle area

I copied the splines inside the rectangle area and stretched them (grips) to match in all views (close atleast)

I mapped out all the panels so they each were bounded by 4 splines

Varied my M & N values so it wasnt super tiny and stil retained a smooth shape overall (surftab1 & surftab2)

Adjact surftaces I used the same spline to generate and matched the corrosponding M or N value if it would let me

I then scaled the new mesh body to match the wheelbase and set it on the frame

It was poking out so I cut it down to fit inside

Lastly the tires didnt look real jsut being revolved and perfect so I made a bulge at the bottom

I went to the dragstrip and measured various tires and got a decent avg shortening and bulge

Sliced the tires at 1/2 height and at the amount the ground pushed up
Turned the lower half into 1/4s and used the splines from the slices as generation curves and then stretched them the amts i measured from the track
Meshed them and textured them the same as the tire solids

Piece wise it all renders great. I think the problem is with my computer specs

My first and LAST Dell Ill ever buy
I cannot see your models, but...

... my first thought is graphics card. I know you say you have much mojo, but I'm still curious because we have the same issue here, and the IT department is a bunch of bumbling Leprechaun monkeys or something. Our cards have 256 MB of dedicated graphics RAM. USELESS, because they're ATI Radeon cards, instead of the FireGL cards. I'm trying to get them to switch to the FireGL, or better yet, the nVidia Quadro cards. Knowing them, they'll try to get the nVidia GeForce cards. They have no clue that there's a difference between CAD cards for vector graphics, and Gaming cards for raster graphics. If that's your problem, it's an easy fix. If that's not it, I'm sorry, I can't help. I wish ya luck though!

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