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3ds Max -> acrobat 3D pdf - no materials



did not succeed in getting my materials made in 3DSMax to acrobat 3d. the same problems going through the 3d toolkit. especially i did not get any transparent materials and no reflexions. there must be an easy way not to redesign every single material again ? thanks a lot for all answers !
QuadriSpace products have an exporter that supports materials from 3ds max. Also, the Pages3D product is a complete page design tool so you can create entire documents with interactive 3D capabilities easily and then publish these to 3D PDF. You can find out more at

We just released a new version today. Check out the 30 day trial online and let me know what you think.
quadrispace 3ds max exporter

I am trying to export a QSM file from 3ds mac 2010. There is no option showing up under export file for this format. Do I need to load the exporter manually, If so how? I did reboot after installing pages3d demo, still no luck.

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