Hi everyone, I am new here. I have lots and lots of CAD experience, and I really like Solid Edge for an affordable personal solid modeling package.

But I would like it a lot more if I wasn't having several weird problems.

I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite Laptop, and it came with Windows 10 and I am running the 45 day trial of Solid Edge.

I know, I know. Windows 10. I am not ignorant of the issues, but I did it anyway.

I suspect my problems are due to the new OS from the idiots in Redmond.

Just for starters, I cannot access the options to set parameters for the hole command. I did once, and happened to set a thru hole for a 1/4 inch bolt. Now, that is the only hole I can do. So I saw the options for threaded, etc, and it looked good, but it simply does not appear any more.

I am thinking of returning this laptop before the 30 day warranty expires. If Solid Edge does not actually work with Win 10, I will get a box with Win 7

The only place I can find to access the hole command is Home / Solids / Hole

When I select Hole directly, or off its drop-down, or even thread off the drop down, I get no dialog box, and I am prompted to select a face to place hole. I can place the hole or threads but cannot find any way to change the parameters.

Also, I cannot generate any orthographic views, just isometric ones. But I'll save that problem for later.

Oh, I also have installed Avast anti-bad guy software. Is that the issue maybe?

I sure would appreciate any help, I have an important project to get done.