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A couple of pointers please - New Max Lover...


New member
Hi all.

I recently bought 3DS Max 2009 version, and boy do I love it !
Just wish I'd done it sooner. Going through various tutorials, finding my way about.

I just have two small questions that you can probably help me with.

1. I wish to remove the 'frozen in gray' option on an objects properties, but when I go to the object properties, it is ALL greyed out already. Is there an option in Prefs somehwere to change this? Very frustrating but cant find it !!

2. Secondly, how do I save all an objects material properties when exporting an object as 3ds?
I get a request box asking 'maintain all object material properties', which I select yes on, but on reloading the object there are no saved materials in Material Editor.
What am I doing wrong?

Hope somebody can help... prob a noob thing...

Hope to speak more soon...
Cheers Scorpio66