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A Humble Suggestion


New member
Hi All,

I had been thinking about creating a site like this one but it looks like someone beat me to it. My primary purpose for such an idea was to allow users to interact at a site that is not controlled by any software manufacturer. I also taught that it would be a good venue where users could seek work or help just like this particular sub-forum. I think this is a great site the owners have put up. It has the potential for phenomenal growth if run properly.

I see some positions for help posted here but none seeking for help on CAD work. I think this should be encouraged. An ideal format for posting such work could look something like this;
  1. Type of software:
  2. Discipline of work:
  3. Name of company (optional):
  4. Work description:
  5. Work required by (date):
  6. Terms of payment:
  7. Offer closing on:
These criteria should suffice but other opinions may differ. The rest can be concluded by Private Messaging. I hope this idea takes off.

Best regards,
hi Great idea

hi nice to see that some is planing out i think that you should make it in 2 part,
one for the Designers how provide Designs(any like Architect,Struc,Cad,HVAC,Any)
one for co's how needs the Designs both can inter act

Thanks & All the best:
Ashwin Shah
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Have additional plans would love to hear more about your thoughts here please feel to email me at [cut].

Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott,

I am surprised you published your email address like that. Does this site not have a private messaging facility members could use?

Anyway, what additional plans are you brewing? My suggestion is simple, this site can facilitate a means for CAD outsourcing work. There is another site that I have visited that exculsively provide this kind of service. Unfortunately, that site charges a fee for using its services. I am thinking about a site that will provide similar services but pays for itself through related advertisements. The first time I saw this site, I said to myself, "This is perfect." This site could be a portal where CAD users can find work or people to do design work. It is a multi million dollar industry I am sure and this could be big for this site. I do not know if it will develop into a major draw for this site, overshadowing other forums, but it need not be. I am sure, once users start loging in, they will trickle to the other forums. What is the statistics for this site now? If my suggestion takes off, I would not be surprised if the visibility of this site increases ten fold.
Somehow I just don't see that happening.

Like anything else, a lot of it is about quality work. When it's a pay site, then at least you can have "some" confidence that both parties involved are serious about the trade.

The only way I could see this "taking off" is if the site offered VERIFIED CAD professionals, in specific fields, and with their own portfolios to verified companies.

Internet is anonymous, and giving somebody TIME and MONEY for a service that is of unknown quality at best is;....... retarded? :eek:

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