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A tricky challenge


New member
Here's a tricky one for you guys, several beers to who can figure it out.

I have this dxf file too big for the forum so uploaded i here Index of /testcar

I am trying to find a way to reduce the number of detail ( objects ) from the image but still mainaining the overall look of the car body.

Almost to create a new file based on how it looks, less about how it is constructed. Some kind of rendering operation.

Anyone got an idea how this could be done in Autocad 2006.

3D solids

In a project I work on, we've had to "dumb down" our 3D models because there are hundreds in a drawing. I suggest creating the entire body of the car as a single object. Then subtract half a cylinder to represent the wheel wells, ditto for the rear. Add wheels. Additionally, you could also subtract the windows and add another solid the same shape of a different color. You can experiment with both 3D solids & blocks to see which is smaller.

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