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about close surface



am a beginer in proe,hw can v convert a closed surface like frustum shaped surface(a shape obtained by Cut the tapered portion of a cone) to solid part,is the command closesurface (as in catia) to convert it to solid?
It is very likely that the better way to arrive at geometry such as you describe is to sketch a half cross section of the cone you want and create a revolved protrusion. Then, create additional cuts or other features if you need them.

If you are determined to start from a surface model, however, there is a command called Solidify that probably does what you want. To use it (in Wildfire 2), you must first select a surface. Then choose Edit, Solidify. There is a help topic on this command if you need more details. --DG
thanks for ur attntion,,i just point out an example ,,(frustum),,,i have anothere query,thats from wr we can obtain the composite tool,,(same colour of soldify tool,,i think its used to connect two curves with a small distance,,am not sure this),i have two curves obtain,by intersectin of two surfaces and are at a short distance btw them,i saw this curves are joined by taht tool ,,in a tutorial,,bt i dont know from wr taht tool is??

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