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About hatch patern display


New member
I have done a solid hatch on an object, I dont know why it is not rendering the color that I have applied it is rendering a texture I have created and applied to a different object. I have tried to remove materials from selected objects, but that still has not worked. Any suggestions?
Did you change the "global" material and apply it to an object? In that case, global is already applied to everything. Hatches won't display I don't believe, as they are 2d. If you make the hatch boundary a REGION or a FACE and set the color as an object, that will get what you want, as long as you want solid. As for the material problem, create a material that you want the object in error to be, and apply it. Remember, you can't render an object without a material applied to it. It has to have SOME material, which is why "global" is there. It should usually made global something like Lime Green so that you can quickly see what that you haven't applied proper materials to.

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