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About Question Headings



Question Headings - Be Specific

When posting questions on the Q&A Board, it's important to be focused and very specific. Do not mix multiple questions into one question thread. It makes it difficult for other members to browse and post answers in a timely manner. If you have multiple questions, post multiple threads. When subject questions are not specific, it's difficult to search the archives for specific threads.

Please avoid subject headings such as:

I have a Question

Please Help!

Having Trouble

It Won't Work

...and try to be more specific with questions such as:

Please tell me about Projecting Curves onto a Cylinder?

How do I use Hole Notes in a Drawing?

How Do I Show GD&T (GTOL) in a Note?

What about Dual Dimension Tolerances?

Thank you, and enjoy the Q&A Board!

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