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About rendering?


New member
can I render just a part of my drawing and save it separately? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
There are two ways to do this (it may not be exact what you want but...):
Select the objects you want to render / open the Advanced render settings palette and under Render settings / Procedure you can select Selected. Now only the objects you've selected will be rendered.
Another method is to save the view you want to render:
Zoom in on the part of the drawing you want to render. Go to the Dashboard / 3D Navigate / click on Unsaved current view / at the bottom, click on New View... and save your view. (You can also click on the New Camera-icon, but then you have to set more settings). That will be easier to go back to this view in the future. In fact you've just created a Camera (camera's can be displayed by clicking on the Display Camera-icon in the 3D Navigate Control panel). And after that, click render. (Advanced render settings palette and under Render settings / Procedure you can select View.)
It all depends upon what you what you want to achieve. There are many ways to do the same, do as shown below:
- RENDER followed by Save > Save A Copy
- RPREF - choose Procedure = Selected - RENDER - Make a selection - Save
In Paper space setup a view, set the viewport to Shadeplot = Rendered and
when you plot it will be rendered. Hope it was helpful.

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