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About welding


New member
I have a sheet metal part and I want to apply welding to the corner bends, how can this be done? I don't want to open assembly file for just one part. Any suggestions?
Weldments are available only in the assembly environment. I would recommend bringing in the sheet metal part into an assembly, convert it to an weldment and then apply the appropriate weld (fillet or groove weld). Welds work on faces of multiple/same part. I have heard that some users derive the part and then create modeling features (sweep) to represent it as a weld in the IPT. IMHO, by this, one would surely miss the rich tools in the weldment environment in assemblies. Thanks.
I belive another option is Inventor 2009, I think they added this ability to the sheetmetal function.
So a single sheet metal part can or can't be welded at the edges?

The error given is "faces in face set 1 and face set 2 should belong to different bodies".

How does one do it differently in an assembly? The weld fillet tool is shown unavailable.


p.s. This is in SW2007, btw.

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