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Acrobat 3d help


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Couldn´t find any topic/section about this program, hope I write in the right section...
I am doing my examwork in technologi and design and our task is to make a productcatalog to a company... We have cadded all there products i SW and have converted them into acrobat 3d format.
This is a quite new program and I have searched for good forums but have not found any good ...The hardness in this program is for me the toolkit...
Anyone know were to get good toturials for this?

My major problem is to solve how to easy put a logo into my parts in 3d pdf?
I also worder if anyone knows how to use java aplication to make logos on everyone of my parts. Like making a bumpmap on it...
We have done some i SW but the convertion to 3d pdf failed to carry this over.

Would be very happy if anyone at least knew were to get the info..
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I found out my self by calling to adobe support.
They toold me it was not possible to make own texture such as bump maps and then put it into my 3d models...:rolleyes:
The only way to put a logo was to make a waterstamp or a signature in the grafics...:eek:
Would be cool if anyone knew how to make it possible anyway beacause I still think its possible one way or an other:cool:
Peace out/habbe
habbe said:
We have done some i SW but the convertion to 3d pdf failed to carry this over.

Hello habbe,

You said the above quote in your original post. I think you need to explore why the texture did not make it into your PDF file. Acrobat 3D is supposed to capture whatever graphics are present on the screen by capturing the OpenGL display list.

Make sure your display is set to OpenGL and make sure you verify that you can see the logo texture on your display before you capture it using Acrobat 3D.

If you can se it, you should be able to capture it. ;) If not, that's what you should asking Acrobat 3D support about.

Good luck.
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
Thanx a lot man!
You opened a new thinking to me:)
I have been sitting here to long I think, writing my exam:rolleyes:
Let´s write this correct now!
In Acrobat 3d toolkit the adobe support told me that there is not possible to make own maps, textures.... This meen you have to make a stamptool in SW to put on the 3d model and then import it to acrobat 3d...
The Problem before is now gl is the shit...

I will try this right now!:cool:
Thx Supp
Let us know the outcome...

Hello habbe,

You're welcome. :D That's what we're here for. To help as much as possible. Sometimes what we can do is limited but sometimes not. Let us know how it turns out so others can learn as well.

We'll consider starting an Acrobat 3D form here also. ;) There may be a lot of users out there already using Acrobat 3D and as you say, there are NOT a lot of Acrobat 3D forums running yet. :(

Good luck!

3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:

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