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Acrobat 3D picture problems


New member
I am doing a printingcatalog for commersial use.
I´m working with 3D models from SW and importing them into Acrobat 3D...
So far no problem...
But then I want to get a high resolution pic from Acrobat 3D into Adobe Indesign... I can´t figureout any good way to do this... the way I do now is saving it to pdf format and then exporting it to indesign...but i´m not satisfied with the result and resulotion...
Anyone know the best way to do? :rolleyes:

Can you go directly..

Hello habbe,

Try snapping the image from the screen while SW is up, then pasting/inserting it directly into Adobe InDesign, bypassing Acrobat 3D. HyperSnapDX is a great freeware image capturing/editing app or you can use the built-in Windows function:

To copy the window or screen contents
To make a copy of the active window, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN.
To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press PRINT SCREEN.

To paste the image into a document, click the Edit menu in the document window, and then click Paste.

We also have some Adobe InDesign tips and tutorials. Check these links out:

InDesign Tips (14)

InDesign Tutorials (73)

We'll post some tips and tutorial links in the Acrobat forum also.

Good Luck!
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
Thanx alot for helping me out with this!!!
This way seems to be the best way when getting pictures with high quallity!

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