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Added Background does not appear



I opened up a Catia sample in Toolkit, used 'Open Background' to add a jpeg background (blue waves). Worked fine, and when I exported to .u3d, then opened that, I could see that the background was there as you'd expect - behind the 3d Catia sample. Where as, when I placed the .u3d file into an Acrobat3D pdf, the background disappeared (just saw the default gray). Tried with other examples, same thing.
May be .u3d deos not support background images. So you can open the 3D model in the toolkit and display a background image, but you can't save that and have exist inside the PDF.
Make sure that you are using DirectX renderer by checking your preferences. Cannot say about what happens with Bakcground images, but I do know that reflection maps are not supported in using the Software renderer and that may extend to background images.

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