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Angled work plane?


New member
I have cylinder that I want to cut 60 degree at the end, how do I create an angled work plane as there are no other planes to reference, as I cannot seem to get work plane to offer me anything other than offset plane from the end of the cylinder.
Draw a sketch at the end of the cylinder with a line at 60 degrees mark as per your requirement and then click Workplane and now click the sketch line and then click the endpoint of the sketch line then a workplane will be created perpendicular to the line located at the point.
Another method, select workplane command, select on the xy, xz or yz plane, whichever one is parallel to the component axis, then click on the outside diameter of the component. this gives you a work plane on the Outside diameter of the component parallel to the plane you first selected. You can now sketch your 60° cut & extrude it through the component.

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