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Animated m3g (simple question from a newbie)


New member
Hello everybody.

I am using 3ds max 2008 and am a real newbie with 3d graphics. Hope you can be indulgent with me.

So. I need to develop a m3g animated scene, where an image slowly moves from the background towards the camera.

In order to perform that, i have created a plane, mapped a bitmap onto the plane through the material editor, and animated it to move onwards. I have then placed a free camera in front of the plane, and exported as m3g with the default exporter, having care to set the active camera accordingly.

Anyway, when I use the m3g player, it's everything black.

Since it seemed to me it could be a problem with the darkness of the scene, i put a light in front of the plane. but the result is still the same.

What's wrong? where am i mistaken?

I can also post a link to the project file if you need.

Thank you very much for helping.