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Anyone 3D modeling in Mechanical 2007


New member
I am having serious problem with models in Mechanical 2007 I didn't have in rel 2004, any getting little satisfaction from Autodesk support. Scroll zooming is a stutter process sometimes losing parts or sufaces when stopped. Zooming in and out in the layuot tab (4 views/viewports) many times acts like in model mode where the part zooms in but the notes and dimensions don't even though I'm in the paper tab and the notes / dim's were put in there. Plotting has the dimensions and note in a different location (shifted) even though the layout and pplot preview views look ok. Have been over my settings with Autodesk several times so don't think it's there. Top end Dell with best video card for these apps, 3 gig processor and 2G ram. Heck, ProE is much better/fast and acad2004 worked pretty well. Rendering a small model to presentation quality is a fifteen minute wait. Any suggestions?


This sounds really really crap. I haven’t seen such a problem! I was going to recommend checking your display settings in AutoCAD to ensure your running hardware acceleration but why would it print funny. Its disappointing that Autodesk aren’t helping you on this one. Has Autodesk taken a copy of your drawing and tried to replicate this issue?

Good luck. Let us know how you go!

:mad: :mad: :mad:
Finally the answer, Autodesk support found it. The viewport border was marginally in the non printable area of the paper. Not the compenents or dimension and notes mind you, they were all well within the border area,
just the border of the (non printing on defpoints layer) border. Making the border smaller fixed the printing problem but still, scroll zooming in and and does not always keep the notes and dimensions in the proper scal and relationship to the parts. 2007 mechanical has some nice new features (like sweep) but man does it need ironed out. Most any movement of my mouse takes my cpu usage to 100% (from maybe 5% when sitting still). Even ProE only uses up like 40%.

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