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ArcGIS to AutoCAD

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to export labels from ArcMap 9.3 into an older version of AutoCAD DeskMap (use R14 format). I am able to export polyline, point, and polygon data as a .dwg or a .dxf file and it comes into AutoCAD just fine (properly georeferenced). However, although I am able to pull up labels in Arc itself (say for example the township and range labels on a grid of Alberta), I am unable to export them to AutoCAD. I create a point feature class from my initial layer (and do the appropriate attribute table modifications to get the text to show up), those labels show up just fine in Arc, but then when I attempt to export them, either with the Quick Export tool or the Export to CAD tool either a) only the points show up (correctly georeferenced with no labels) or b) the labels and points show up but are centered around 0,0 instead of where I want them to be. In case b, the text and points are tiny and compressed (the entire grid of township and range divides for Alberta compresses down to something like 13 meters).

Is anyone familiar with this process? If so, do you use any add-ons or is this something that you can do directly from Arc itself?

Apparently the xy coordinates of the text are coming in wonky. We utilize UTM for our coordinate system (again, the polylines, points and polygons export to this just fine), but for some reason when we create the text feature class (with the associated points) it takes the lat/long coordinates and tries to turn them into UTM, so we're getting coordinates like -113.2376, 55.36101. Maybe I'm not selecting the right column to export?

Thank you in advance for your help