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ArchCut June 26 2007


A new release of the ArchCut plug-in for Rhino 4 SR0 is now available from:
ArchCut 1.0 WIP June 26 2007 Download

Updated documentation is available from:
ArchCut V4 Plugin

New Features
- Custom Paneling is now extended to allow paneling with curves:
- Can panel free-form curves and polylines that are not directly
connecting grid points.
- Custom paneling curves are saved to file and are updatable.
- ArchCut_Make2D - New command. Similar to Make2D but it takes into account
clipping planes in the selected view. For this release, it clips
polysurfaces (not meshes or curves)
- ArchCut_Divide command has a new option to Group divide points.
- Options in paneling commands are now made to persist across sessions.
- Added SetCPlaneToSection and Make2D commands to menu.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed SetCPlaneToSection bug. It used to set it facing the opposite
- Fixed few bug related to document I/O.

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