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Array curve on conical surface


New member
I am working on a grater design. I have tried everything I can think of to create the cut outs of the grater on the conical surface. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions??


New member
flow along surface

1st you must create a "curve from object", "create UV curve". click on your cones surface that you want to place the pattern of holes. this will creat a rectangle that represents the surface of the cone.

next, create a surface from "planar curves" and select the uv curve you just made when prompted for the curves

place your pattern on the surface of this new surface. if you want to perforate the cone with the pattern, make sure your pattern perforates this surface. you can cut it out later.

next, click on your cone, then object properties, down at "isocurve density" turn off its "visibility", this will make referencing your pattern to the cone easy.

next, type "flowalongsrf', select only your pattern to be transfered to the cone, enter, at "base surface" select the bottom left corner of the new surface where your pattern lies, at "target surface" select the base line of the cone to the right of the vertical line. your pattern will transfer to the cone surface.

you may have to play with the base surface corner and target surface corners to get the pattern right side up and right side out. I haven't quite firgure this one out yet. but usually depends on the type of soild your projecting to.