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Arrow heads?

SolidWorks 2007 has a multi-jog leader annotation.
Insert>Annotation>Multi-jog leader
You can select the end, right mouse and select whatever end style you want (arrow, slash, circle, none, etc.)

Before SW added the leader I just added a note with leader and just a space in the text box. You can still do this but it doesn't allow multiple jogs in the leader.
Arrow head


what exactly are you trying to achieve? A little more information would be helpfull in order to offer you assitance.
If you're talking about placing a line w/an arrow on it in a drawing, try the following:

1) Select the Multi-Jog tool.
2) Pick a start point as you normally would.
3) Double-click at the end position you want.
(You can also right-click and select "End Leader".)

You should have a line with an arrow on both ends. Place your cursor over the end you don't want an arrow, right-click over the arrow and select the plain line at the bottom of the pop-up.
Multi Jog leader. You can't change the size of the arrow though if you made it larger, though putting it in a block and scaling that may help.

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